Once upon a time, in 1998, New York had a sixth borough, but only accessible for some

people. Pharell who wasn't pretty and not really intelligent, worked in a big building without lift, so everyday he had to go up and down stairs. He didn't like that. It often made him aggressive. It was horrible. One night he had a dream: a blond woman appeared. She was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.

She was irresistible. She talked to him and told him of the sixth borough. She said he would find his happiness there if he was brave. Every night he had the same dream, so he decided to leave and searched for one week, without knowing what he was exactly looking for. Suddenly, as he was just arriving in a lost street in Manhattan, his GPS swiched on « Turn right », « Turn right »... The GPS's voice didn't stop telling him : « turn right, » but there was nothing on his right sight except a wall. He didn't know what to do ! He couldn't switch it off. After nearly one day, he became so crazy that he tried to kill himself. He wanted to crush into the wall but instead of drunching, feeling pain and dying, he flew! He felt weightless! There were colors everywhere, he heard music and saw big trees which looked like big candyfloss. « Am I dead now? », he was thinking . And then he saw her with her beautiful long hair and her big eyes. « Hello,» she said, « I'm glad you found the way ». She had a wonderful voice. But what was that ? There! In her back! Oh my god, she had wings! « Yes, » she said, « As you can see I'm a fairy, the fairy of the sixth borough. I have something for you. ». She clapped in her hands and a little man with a big nose appeared . In his hand he was holding green socks.

« What's that ? », Pharell asked. « These are magic flying socks! I know that you are suffering from going up and down stairs everyday. I thought you were hoping that someone would do something good for you, » she answered. At the second, he took on his socks, he felt something changing on his body. The next morning, as he arrived at his work, he had to test his socks immediatly. It worked very well! He was flying! He looked into a mirror and saw a nice and sexy guy. Everything has changed. He was so enthousiastic! He would never had to go upstairs and downstairs anymore. So he decided to write a song and to call it « Happy » because he felt so happy.

His song became known and famous, himself too. He made a lot of money and lived happily. Eighteen years later, in 2016, Britney Spears who has discovered his secret, was jealous of his success and money. One night she stole his socks and cut them in the middle. So Pharell who knew that he would lose everything because of that, decided to go back to the wall and ask the fairy to have new green and magics socks.

He couldn't imagine to live without success anymore. Arrived, he ruched strait to the wall in his magnificient lamborghini , crushed with a big noise and died in his car ...

This was the story of Pharell Williams's death.