Once upon a time New-York had a sixth borough. In 1998, it was an island between Staten Island and Brooklyn. Two families lived there. The Williams and the Darlingtons. The Williams had only one son: John. Mr and Miss Williams were aggressive people, especially with The Darligtons. The Darlingtons had two children, the eldest one was named Peter and his youngest sister Mary. They were very happy together in their big house bigger than the Williams' house. There were only these two houses on the island. The Darlingtons lived in the South and the Williams in the North, separated by a forest. The Williams were woodcutters and sold their products in the borough of Brooklyn. On the opposite, the Darlingtons who were extremely rich didn't have to work.

However one day everything changed. Peter became suddenly fond of socks! He wanted to wear socks, eat socks, drink socks, make socks, and definitely become a sock! His parents had burned out and decided to leave Woody Island in order to save their son. One day later they went to the hospital of Staten Island, and Mary, who was eighteen years old, stayed alone at home. A few weeks after, she learned that her brother had disappeared in a socks shop and the death of her parents in a tragic car accident in New-York streets when coming back home.

Extremely sad, to change her dark ideas she visited the island because she had never seen it at all. She had often walked to the wood. But this day, she decided to cross it. After three long hours, she met a man. An irresistible man. He was cutting a tree when he looked at her. He had beautiful green eyes. She was also beautiful, with nice blond long hair and blue eyes. They looked at each other during lengthy minutes. They fell madly in love. The birds were singing and the sun shinning when they started to dance together. They believed they flew like in a fantastic dream. Then it rained so they ran to Williams' house. He introduced her to his parents, Mr and Missis Williams were very enthusiastic to meet his lovely new girlfriend. They thought that all the Darlingtons family was dead, so according to them she was a new inhabitant. However, later, speaking with Mary they realized that she was the last Darlingtons. It has been an horrible discovery but they did nothing. Secretly they hoped to see their son find another girl. But two months later, Mary and John announced their wedding. Shocked, demoralized, enraged John's parents decided to leave the island and never come back. Mary and John stayed together in Woody Island. They were impatient to get married so they prepared quickly their wedding. They didn't care for the absence of people.

The eve of the wonderful day, John went secretly to Manhattan to buy the rings. It was his first time outside his little island. He was impressed by the height of the buildings, the big beautiful city and all the different cultures. He thought that it could be so pleasant to live there. This dream of new life seemed more important than his love for Mary. He decided to stay in Manhattan and forgot his fiancée. During this time Mary woke up and discovered that John wasn't home. She had waited for him all the day and all the days after. 100 days later he still wasn't come back, she realized that the man of her life was definitely gone and started crying. She cried all the tears she could and finally woody island was overwhelmed by her tears.

That the reason why Woody Island doesn't exist nowadays and there is only John to know its existence and Peter the sock.