Once upon a time, New York had a sixth borough. In 1998, Petter was a teenager in the New York University. A day, while he was speaking with an old man in a little street, he had a bad feeling. The people in the street were aggressive, they never said hello. Suddenly, the old man exclaimed: «Petter, look , look!!» An immense structure flew over us. After ten minutes, Petter worked, he was brought down to the ground, cut by dozens of pieces of glass!The scene was horrible, the sky was green, the cars were returned. Petter entered a building, went to the roof and didn't see the six borough!Peter was terrified, he often went in this borough but he had more friends in the sixth borough! Petter was not very happy, He had a scenario of fantasy movie in front of him. On his sock it used to be written: the Sixth borough of New York, but now, it was written the 5th borough of New york.