Once upon a time, New-York had a sixth borough. This borough was split into two districts, one district called « Whitecity » and the other called « Blackcity ». In this borough, everybody worked on a socks factory, but in Whitecity we made white socks and in Blackcity we made black socks. The people of Whitecity were very happy, they sold their fantastic socks everywhere in the world. Everybody, in the other boroughs of New-York City was enthusiastic to wear white socks. They were irresistible and folks never wore a black sock, that’s why Blackcity was in state of crisis. Meanwhile, the inhabitants of Blackcity were aggressive, because some dangerous criminals killed for money. This bad reputation irritated the biggest manager of Blackcity, and often the business didn't prosper.

            But one day, a man created news socks in his big building, which is located on Vox Street. This news socks were able to make a man fly when he wore them. Everybody bought the news black socks, and the manager of the biggest factory became rich. The business of white socks and cars reduced and for vengeance Whitecity and cars industries proclaimed a war against Blackcity.

            Many people fought their adversaries, they hit them with socks, but it was not efficient! The president of the United States of America said if the war did not finish, the sixth borough would be destroyed by Uncle Sam. The war continued, horrible weapons were created, like big scissors to cut the socks. The war made deaths, and a great part of people commited suicide, because their socks had been broken. The factories were on fire, because some tanks shot everywhere.

            The president sent Uncle Sam to destroy the sixth borough with a laser gun. He killed 1998 people, and today, a small part of people knows that story, and since this tragedy, to wear a black or white sock is forbidden, that's why we wear green or red socks. But one day, a new war is possible, and it could kill other people.