Once upon a time, New-York had a 6th borough.

This borough was called Ardas. It was an artificial island in the shape of a sock, ordered by the government of New-York. The borough was located in the Atlantic Ocean in the South of Brooklyn and on the West of Staten Island. There, people were too numerous in New-York because of immigrants who wanted to work in this city. The inhabitants of the 6th borough extracted the ore of the seabed to build some buildings, some streets, some cars and the borough itself. Ardas had  no garden and no park but there was just some tarmac and some iron.

William was a young man who was 12 years old. He arrived with 1998 other people in the artificial borough. Everybody worked in Ardas so William had to work and he retrieved the ore under the water with his little team. He thought this life was horrible and he often dreamed he could fly to leave this hell and to live in another country. So he often wanted to do a bunk but he had never spoken about his uneasiness.

One day, he was late for his work and he wanted to take a shortcut but he got lost in huge corridors.

He was terrified not to arrive on time for his work because his boss was very aggressive when someone was late.

Suddenly he saw a man in a long corridor and he wanted to ask his way but the man disappeared in another lane. And that is when he saw a little light under a door. It was a common door but the light was so much acttractive that's why he irresistible wanted to open the door. When he opened it, he had the shock of his life.

William discovered a precious stone garden. There were a lot of emerald trees and a wide green grass. There were a lots of ruby tulips and some flowers too. Moreover, the light reflected in the crystal vegetation and it generated fantastic reflections on walls.

He was very troubled to see that in Ardas but he was quite happy to discover the garden. He closed the door and he ran to search the exit to join his post. He thought all day long of this magnificent garden. He was very enthusiastic to go back there.

On the very evening, he returned to the garden and he admired once again the superb plants.

He roamed into the fantastic room but he noticed that there was a strange tree at the bottom of the room.

There was a real tree. It was the most beautiful tree he had never seen before and it was more beautiful than in his dreams but in front of the tree there was a little plughole.

This plughole bothered him and he wanted to remove it. William pulled all his strengths at the cork but when it got out, there was a water jet of a phenomenal power. The water flooded the room then the corridors then the floor and finally the island. Ardas skinned with his inhabitants and his secret garden and it has disappeared from all maps and nobody has never heard about the 6th borough anymore.