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02 juin 2014

C.M. 98

Once upon a time NewYork, had six boroughs, their names were Bronx, Manahattan, Queeens, Brooklyn, Staten Island and Willow Shaw.


In 1998, when I was your age, I lived in Willow Shaw and I often visited the other boroughs with my family during the holidays.


Willow Shaw was very fantastic. It respected very much the nature. For example, in spring or in summer, the population was very happy and enthusiastic thanks to the weather and because the nature was horribly irresistible. The trees were perfectly green, the butterflies flew in harmony with the rays of sunshine, the birds sang like people spoke. I never saw a city most beautiful !


Every morning, when I went to the school, I walked in front of the famous building of Willow Shaw. It name was the Clor'ade. It was a firm to learn the job of body-guard. The men of this firm were beautiful, the prince charming physically. In spite of their princes, the president was an aggressive man, he always wear a black costume and white socks. He was aggressive inside his job but in his home and with his neighbours, he was funny and nice. This man worked all the time and he did all for his wife. At the beginning at the week, I always saw him cutting flowers, in Garden Street, to pick then in a bouquet for his wife. She was an angel, his angel. He was the son of the president of the Willow Shaw. The president was named Georges Wishme and he was charismatic and very strict, but he was a very good president.

In Willow Shaw, there were many famous monuments like the Wishme Tower, it was a big column made in honor of the actual president. There was a column for each president in the PW2S ( President of the Willow Shaw Street ). Or still there was The Red and Blue Park, which was a park built with red brick and blue seats. It was a very big park and the most important in Willow Shaw. Moreover, Willow Shaw, had a population which extended at one million people and had the most famous people. Willow Shaw had some too, lots cars and the most prestigious people.


This paradise ended in 2000 because of the death of the president Wishme. Though his son wouldn't succeed his father, the Manhattan's president bought this borough.


Now, nobody speaks of this borough because it represents the destruction of the perfect city or the perfect life for the population.


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Once upon a time New-York had a sixth borough. In 1998, it was an island between Staten Island and Brooklyn. Two families lived there. The Williams and the Darlingtons. The Williams had only one son: John. Mr and Miss Williams were aggressive people, especially with The Darligtons. The Darlingtons had two children, the eldest one was named Peter and his youngest sister Mary. They were very happy together in their big house bigger than the Williams' house. There were only these two houses on the island. The Darlingtons lived in the South and the Williams in the North, separated by a forest. The Williams were woodcutters and sold their products in the borough of Brooklyn. On the opposite, the Darlingtons who were extremely rich didn't have to work.

However one day everything changed. Peter became suddenly fond of socks! He wanted to wear socks, eat socks, drink socks, make socks, and definitely become a sock! His parents had burned out and decided to leave Woody Island in order to save their son. One day later they went to the hospital of Staten Island, and Mary, who was eighteen years old, stayed alone at home. A few weeks after, she learned that her brother had disappeared in a socks shop and the death of her parents in a tragic car accident in New-York streets when coming back home.

Extremely sad, to change her dark ideas she visited the island because she had never seen it at all. She had often walked to the wood. But this day, she decided to cross it. After three long hours, she met a man. An irresistible man. He was cutting a tree when he looked at her. He had beautiful green eyes. She was also beautiful, with nice blond long hair and blue eyes. They looked at each other during lengthy minutes. They fell madly in love. The birds were singing and the sun shinning when they started to dance together. They believed they flew like in a fantastic dream. Then it rained so they ran to Williams' house. He introduced her to his parents, Mr and Missis Williams were very enthusiastic to meet his lovely new girlfriend. They thought that all the Darlingtons family was dead, so according to them she was a new inhabitant. However, later, speaking with Mary they realized that she was the last Darlingtons. It has been an horrible discovery but they did nothing. Secretly they hoped to see their son find another girl. But two months later, Mary and John announced their wedding. Shocked, demoralized, enraged John's parents decided to leave the island and never come back. Mary and John stayed together in Woody Island. They were impatient to get married so they prepared quickly their wedding. They didn't care for the absence of people.

The eve of the wonderful day, John went secretly to Manhattan to buy the rings. It was his first time outside his little island. He was impressed by the height of the buildings, the big beautiful city and all the different cultures. He thought that it could be so pleasant to live there. This dream of new life seemed more important than his love for Mary. He decided to stay in Manhattan and forgot his fiancée. During this time Mary woke up and discovered that John wasn't home. She had waited for him all the day and all the days after. 100 days later he still wasn't come back, she realized that the man of her life was definitely gone and started crying. She cried all the tears she could and finally woody island was overwhelmed by her tears.

That the reason why Woody Island doesn't exist nowadays and there is only John to know its existence and Peter the sock. 

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Once upon a time, New York had a sixth borough. It was an enthusiastic borough called « Youngtown », all the people who lived there were between 15 and 21 years old. Everybody could do what they wanted. It was fantastic because nobody worked exceptly to prepare parties. They were no buildings, no streets, no cars. The grass was greatly cut and green, the sky was blue, the sun was often shining. It was the paradise in Earth.Nothing wrong never happened. But one day, an irresitible woman came to Youngtown and all the men of the borough wanted the girl to be their girlfriend. The population, generally happy in any case became agressive because of the girl. This beautiful girl was really mysterious, it was like she had a magical power in the mind of the Youngtowners, all the inhabitants wanted to capt her attention, and sometimes with some ridiculous things like fluo socks, pink air and horrible accessories. Nobody knew her name because nobody had the courage to speak to this angel. In the borough, she was just called « the girl ». One day, a boy, Mario, sixteen years old, wanted to impress the girl, so he created sneakers with wings. It was on the 24th of May 1998, the boy climbed to the top of a 30 meters tall big old tree. The girl was in front of him. He said « Look at me ! Look at me, you're an angel and I can fly like them !  Look at me ! ». All the teenagers were there, and everybody saw Mario jumping of the tree. But unfortunately his plan did not work. All the Youngtowners were frightened by the boy who crushed on the floor. It was too late. Mario was dead. The day after this tragedy, all the united states was aware of the death of Mario. So the borough disappeared by the order of the president with bombardements. And that's why, now, New York have boroughs. The girl is still missing.

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the socks writer

Once upon a time, New-York had a sixth borough. This borough was split into two districts, one district called « Whitecity » and the other called « Blackcity ». In this borough, everybody worked on a socks factory, but in Whitecity we made white socks and in Blackcity we made black socks. The people of Whitecity were very happy, they sold their fantastic socks everywhere in the world. Everybody, in the other boroughs of New-York City was enthusiastic to wear white socks. They were irresistible and folks never wore a black sock, that’s why Blackcity was in state of crisis. Meanwhile, the inhabitants of Blackcity were aggressive, because some dangerous criminals killed for money. This bad reputation irritated the biggest manager of Blackcity, and often the business didn't prosper.

            But one day, a man created news socks in his big building, which is located on Vox Street. This news socks were able to make a man fly when he wore them. Everybody bought the news black socks, and the manager of the biggest factory became rich. The business of white socks and cars reduced and for vengeance Whitecity and cars industries proclaimed a war against Blackcity.

            Many people fought their adversaries, they hit them with socks, but it was not efficient! The president of the United States of America said if the war did not finish, the sixth borough would be destroyed by Uncle Sam. The war continued, horrible weapons were created, like big scissors to cut the socks. The war made deaths, and a great part of people commited suicide, because their socks had been broken. The factories were on fire, because some tanks shot everywhere.

            The president sent Uncle Sam to destroy the sixth borough with a laser gun. He killed 1998 people, and today, a small part of people knows that story, and since this tragedy, to wear a black or white sock is forbidden, that's why we wear green or red socks. But one day, a new war is possible, and it could kill other people.

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Once upon a time, New-York had a 6th borough.

This borough was called Ardas. It was an artificial island in the shape of a sock, ordered by the government of New-York. The borough was located in the Atlantic Ocean in the South of Brooklyn and on the West of Staten Island. There, people were too numerous in New-York because of immigrants who wanted to work in this city. The inhabitants of the 6th borough extracted the ore of the seabed to build some buildings, some streets, some cars and the borough itself. Ardas had  no garden and no park but there was just some tarmac and some iron.

William was a young man who was 12 years old. He arrived with 1998 other people in the artificial borough. Everybody worked in Ardas so William had to work and he retrieved the ore under the water with his little team. He thought this life was horrible and he often dreamed he could fly to leave this hell and to live in another country. So he often wanted to do a bunk but he had never spoken about his uneasiness.

One day, he was late for his work and he wanted to take a shortcut but he got lost in huge corridors.

He was terrified not to arrive on time for his work because his boss was very aggressive when someone was late.

Suddenly he saw a man in a long corridor and he wanted to ask his way but the man disappeared in another lane. And that is when he saw a little light under a door. It was a common door but the light was so much acttractive that's why he irresistible wanted to open the door. When he opened it, he had the shock of his life.

William discovered a precious stone garden. There were a lot of emerald trees and a wide green grass. There were a lots of ruby tulips and some flowers too. Moreover, the light reflected in the crystal vegetation and it generated fantastic reflections on walls.

He was very troubled to see that in Ardas but he was quite happy to discover the garden. He closed the door and he ran to search the exit to join his post. He thought all day long of this magnificent garden. He was very enthusiastic to go back there.

On the very evening, he returned to the garden and he admired once again the superb plants.

He roamed into the fantastic room but he noticed that there was a strange tree at the bottom of the room.

There was a real tree. It was the most beautiful tree he had never seen before and it was more beautiful than in his dreams but in front of the tree there was a little plughole.

This plughole bothered him and he wanted to remove it. William pulled all his strengths at the cork but when it got out, there was a water jet of a phenomenal power. The water flooded the room then the corridors then the floor and finally the island. Ardas skinned with his inhabitants and his secret garden and it has disappeared from all maps and nobody has never heard about the 6th borough anymore.


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Once upon a time, in 1998, New York had a sixth borough, but only accessible for some

people. Pharell who wasn't pretty and not really intelligent, worked in a big building without lift, so everyday he had to go up and down stairs. He didn't like that. It often made him aggressive. It was horrible. One night he had a dream: a blond woman appeared. She was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.

She was irresistible. She talked to him and told him of the sixth borough. She said he would find his happiness there if he was brave. Every night he had the same dream, so he decided to leave and searched for one week, without knowing what he was exactly looking for. Suddenly, as he was just arriving in a lost street in Manhattan, his GPS swiched on « Turn right », « Turn right »... The GPS's voice didn't stop telling him : « turn right, » but there was nothing on his right sight except a wall. He didn't know what to do ! He couldn't switch it off. After nearly one day, he became so crazy that he tried to kill himself. He wanted to crush into the wall but instead of drunching, feeling pain and dying, he flew! He felt weightless! There were colors everywhere, he heard music and saw big trees which looked like big candyfloss. « Am I dead now? », he was thinking . And then he saw her with her beautiful long hair and her big eyes. « Hello,» she said, « I'm glad you found the way ». She had a wonderful voice. But what was that ? There! In her back! Oh my god, she had wings! « Yes, » she said, « As you can see I'm a fairy, the fairy of the sixth borough. I have something for you. ». She clapped in her hands and a little man with a big nose appeared . In his hand he was holding green socks.

« What's that ? », Pharell asked. « These are magic flying socks! I know that you are suffering from going up and down stairs everyday. I thought you were hoping that someone would do something good for you, » she answered. At the second, he took on his socks, he felt something changing on his body. The next morning, as he arrived at his work, he had to test his socks immediatly. It worked very well! He was flying! He looked into a mirror and saw a nice and sexy guy. Everything has changed. He was so enthousiastic! He would never had to go upstairs and downstairs anymore. So he decided to write a song and to call it « Happy » because he felt so happy.

His song became known and famous, himself too. He made a lot of money and lived happily. Eighteen years later, in 2016, Britney Spears who has discovered his secret, was jealous of his success and money. One night she stole his socks and cut them in the middle. So Pharell who knew that he would lose everything because of that, decided to go back to the wall and ask the fairy to have new green and magics socks.

He couldn't imagine to live without success anymore. Arrived, he ruched strait to the wall in his magnificient lamborghini , crushed with a big noise and died in his car ...

This was the story of Pharell Williams's death.


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Once upon a time, New York had a sixth borough. In 1998, Petter was a teenager in the New York University. A day, while he was speaking with an old man in a little street, he had a bad feeling. The people in the street were aggressive, they never said hello. Suddenly, the old man exclaimed: «Petter, look , look!!» An immense structure flew over us. After ten minutes, Petter worked, he was brought down to the ground, cut by dozens of pieces of glass!The scene was horrible, the sky was green, the cars were returned. Petter entered a building, went to the roof and didn't see the six borough!Peter was terrified, he often went in this borough but he had more friends in the sixth borough! Petter was not very happy, He had a scenario of fantasy movie in front of him. On his sock it used to be written: the Sixth borough of New York, but now, it was written the 5th borough of New york.

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Max Caventry

Once upon a time, at the creation of the boroughs of New York, there was an island at the East of New York. When this island has been found, it has been linked to New York and the island became the sixth  borough of New York.

It became the sixth borough of New York because the island was opposite to New York and the team who found this island lived in New York.

Ten months after the island was found, small simple homes have been built. Some people who were in the team who discovered the island,  lived in the homes and some indians too.

Indeed, some indians lived on the island when it has been discovered. Now american people and indians lived on the island.

Indians spoke an unknown language. With the time, americans and indians learned to communicate all together especiallly with sign language. Americans brought some objects from America like boots or shirts. Indians lived simplier than americans and were so more primitive. They just wore a clothe in fabric and trousers in leather.

There were horses, dogs, stags who lived with indians. The fauna and the flora were very much developped on the island. Many plants and animals unknown up  there have been discovered. There were new plants of different colours. There were multicoloured plants too. News species of animals such as the crocodiles, birds or monkeys existed on the island. Zoologists came to the island to observe the new animals that existed.

One day, a tsunami happened on the island. It came from the east and went to the west, all the island  swallowed. The once who survived didn’t speak the indians’ language. Their language disappeared.

All the indians, all the americans who lived on the part east of the island and many americans who lived on the west part died. The sixth borough didn't exist any more.



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Once upon a time, New York had a sixth borough. This sixth district was called « the invisible » and it was in the northeast of the Bronx. It had this name because only its inhabitants knew its existence. It was a quite small district of about twenty streets. It was nevertheless in this city that the activity of New York was the most important. In       "the invisible", some inhabitants spoke a language named the « eragwou ». The manager of this district was called Jhon Hix, but this man was abnormal, he had a power: he could fly. Jhon was an enthusiastic but often aggressive however irresistible man. In this district, no man was normal, they possessed all a green watch containing their remaining minutes of life. It was their current monetary unit, they bought everything with their minutes of life. John Hix was of course the richest in " the invisible ". It is in this district that was the biggest research center on the cloning, almost all the inhabitants of this district worked in this center. To recognize the employees, these had all of big green socks. The employees lived all in the same buildings and they almost never slept, and they made the same things every day all this to have a miserable count of hours every week. These employees became in a way machines. In this sixth district, life was not fantastic, even horrible for some people, only some people were happy there. There was only John Hix who moved by car because they cost too many hours of life, all the other people moved by foot. In the middle of the city, there was the only bank of this district.

         It was a day in 1998; this bank had the power cut which caused the reset of the watch of all the inhabitants. This district thus became a desert. That is how the sixth district of New York disappeared.

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Willy Expear

Once upon a time, New-york had a 6th borough. A very long time ago, one of the most famous cities in the U.S.A was composed of six boroughs : all the ones that you already know and another one which was named the Borolite. That was the diminutive of the borough of the elite. On each neighborhood lived different social categories. The boroughs marked the seperation of each social class. Consequently there were lots of disparities between the boroughs. Indeed, Borolite was the richest borough in New-york and perhaps in the world. It was located in the south of Brooklyn. The Atlantic Ocean surrounded this territory. In Borolite, the landscape was fantastic, we could see areas of buildings, between which there were large streets, on which ran the most modern cars of New-york. Borolite was a futuristic borough but it was too hard-surfaced in its entirety, there wasn't vegetation, the inhabitants never saw green grass, the orange tree leaves in autumn... In brief they had never seen the countryside. We will see later that this particularity led Borolite to its disappearance. The boroliters ( inhabitants of Borolite) were middle-class people and the majority descended from important families of America. They had a lot of money and preserved everyone thanks to their jobs.. The principal activity of the boroliters was the scientific advance in the field of high technologies. But the boroliters' way of life often transformed: they became aggressive, proud and scornful.

    In the other boroughs of New-york, the life was poorer than in Borolite. The inhabitants had to work hard to earn enough money to comply with their vital needs. Despite this, the others New-york's inhabitants were more enthusiastic and happier than the boroliters. This difference of mentalities came from the environment of life. Indeed, in the Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island, the inhabitants lived in the rural middle. In summer, they watched the birds fly, in autumn the vegetation change of colours, in winter the trees without leaves and in spring they cut flowers to do bouquets and to smell the irresistible perfume of the flowers. In each of these 5 boroughs, everyone knew each other. All the inhabitants spoke with their neighbours. In summary, in this boroughs, life was maybe hard and not much luxurious but the atmosphere was more cheerful than in Borolite.

    One day, an old man who lived in Borolite decided to create a revolutionary weapon of war: a liquid which had the capacity to destroy all the matters created by the humanity (so, everything except the vegetation) that it touched. It was the most corrosive liquid existing in the world. This weapon could completely erode a sock in 30 seconds. This mad scientist made 1998 litres of this horrible liquid. It was the volume necessary to reduce to nothing 70 km² of industrial matter ( dimensions of a borough ). To test his invention, the old scientist gave the liquid to the main laboratories of Borolite located at the extremities of this borough. However, the scientist of Borolite didn't know that a huge earthquake  was going to happen. Indeed, a few days after the beginning of the tests, an enormous earthquake happened and destroyed the majority of the buildings of New-york. This earthquake didn't spare the laboratories. As you can guess, the disaster happened: the corrosive liquid destroyed all the borough. Nothing spared because there weren't naturals elements. In a few hours, Borolite completely disappeared. The 6th borough of New-york and its inhabitants were just an old story... In wanting to play with fire, you will eventually get burned.

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