Once upon a time, New York had a sixth borough. It was an enthusiastic borough called « Youngtown », all the people who lived there were between 15 and 21 years old. Everybody could do what they wanted. It was fantastic because nobody worked exceptly to prepare parties. They were no buildings, no streets, no cars. The grass was greatly cut and green, the sky was blue, the sun was often shining. It was the paradise in Earth.Nothing wrong never happened. But one day, an irresitible woman came to Youngtown and all the men of the borough wanted the girl to be their girlfriend. The population, generally happy in any case became agressive because of the girl. This beautiful girl was really mysterious, it was like she had a magical power in the mind of the Youngtowners, all the inhabitants wanted to capt her attention, and sometimes with some ridiculous things like fluo socks, pink air and horrible accessories. Nobody knew her name because nobody had the courage to speak to this angel. In the borough, she was just called « the girl ». One day, a boy, Mario, sixteen years old, wanted to impress the girl, so he created sneakers with wings. It was on the 24th of May 1998, the boy climbed to the top of a 30 meters tall big old tree. The girl was in front of him. He said « Look at me ! Look at me, you're an angel and I can fly like them !  Look at me ! ». All the teenagers were there, and everybody saw Mario jumping of the tree. But unfortunately his plan did not work. All the Youngtowners were frightened by the boy who crushed on the floor. It was too late. Mario was dead. The day after this tragedy, all the united states was aware of the death of Mario. So the borough disappeared by the order of the president with bombardements. And that's why, now, New York have boroughs. The girl is still missing.