Once upon a time NewYork, had six boroughs, their names were Bronx, Manahattan, Queeens, Brooklyn, Staten Island and Willow Shaw.


In 1998, when I was your age, I lived in Willow Shaw and I often visited the other boroughs with my family during the holidays.


Willow Shaw was very fantastic. It respected very much the nature. For example, in spring or in summer, the population was very happy and enthusiastic thanks to the weather and because the nature was horribly irresistible. The trees were perfectly green, the butterflies flew in harmony with the rays of sunshine, the birds sang like people spoke. I never saw a city most beautiful !


Every morning, when I went to the school, I walked in front of the famous building of Willow Shaw. It name was the Clor'ade. It was a firm to learn the job of body-guard. The men of this firm were beautiful, the prince charming physically. In spite of their princes, the president was an aggressive man, he always wear a black costume and white socks. He was aggressive inside his job but in his home and with his neighbours, he was funny and nice. This man worked all the time and he did all for his wife. At the beginning at the week, I always saw him cutting flowers, in Garden Street, to pick then in a bouquet for his wife. She was an angel, his angel. He was the son of the president of the Willow Shaw. The president was named Georges Wishme and he was charismatic and very strict, but he was a very good president.

In Willow Shaw, there were many famous monuments like the Wishme Tower, it was a big column made in honor of the actual president. There was a column for each president in the PW2S ( President of the Willow Shaw Street ). Or still there was The Red and Blue Park, which was a park built with red brick and blue seats. It was a very big park and the most important in Willow Shaw. Moreover, Willow Shaw, had a population which extended at one million people and had the most famous people. Willow Shaw had some too, lots cars and the most prestigious people.


This paradise ended in 2000 because of the death of the president Wishme. Though his son wouldn't succeed his father, the Manhattan's president bought this borough.


Now, nobody speaks of this borough because it represents the destruction of the perfect city or the perfect life for the population.