Once upon a time, at the creation of the boroughs of New York, there was an island at the East of New York. When this island has been found, it has been linked to New York and the island became the sixth  borough of New York.

It became the sixth borough of New York because the island was opposite to New York and the team who found this island lived in New York.

Ten months after the island was found, small simple homes have been built. Some people who were in the team who discovered the island,  lived in the homes and some indians too.

Indeed, some indians lived on the island when it has been discovered. Now american people and indians lived on the island.

Indians spoke an unknown language. With the time, americans and indians learned to communicate all together especiallly with sign language. Americans brought some objects from America like boots or shirts. Indians lived simplier than americans and were so more primitive. They just wore a clothe in fabric and trousers in leather.

There were horses, dogs, stags who lived with indians. The fauna and the flora were very much developped on the island. Many plants and animals unknown up  there have been discovered. There were new plants of different colours. There were multicoloured plants too. News species of animals such as the crocodiles, birds or monkeys existed on the island. Zoologists came to the island to observe the new animals that existed.

One day, a tsunami happened on the island. It came from the east and went to the west, all the island  swallowed. The once who survived didn’t speak the indians’ language. Their language disappeared.

All the indians, all the americans who lived on the part east of the island and many americans who lived on the west part died. The sixth borough didn't exist any more.