Once upon a time, New York had a sixth borough. This sixth district was called « the invisible » and it was in the northeast of the Bronx. It had this name because only its inhabitants knew its existence. It was a quite small district of about twenty streets. It was nevertheless in this city that the activity of New York was the most important. In       "the invisible", some inhabitants spoke a language named the « eragwou ». The manager of this district was called Jhon Hix, but this man was abnormal, he had a power: he could fly. Jhon was an enthusiastic but often aggressive however irresistible man. In this district, no man was normal, they possessed all a green watch containing their remaining minutes of life. It was their current monetary unit, they bought everything with their minutes of life. John Hix was of course the richest in " the invisible ". It is in this district that was the biggest research center on the cloning, almost all the inhabitants of this district worked in this center. To recognize the employees, these had all of big green socks. The employees lived all in the same buildings and they almost never slept, and they made the same things every day all this to have a miserable count of hours every week. These employees became in a way machines. In this sixth district, life was not fantastic, even horrible for some people, only some people were happy there. There was only John Hix who moved by car because they cost too many hours of life, all the other people moved by foot. In the middle of the city, there was the only bank of this district.

         It was a day in 1998; this bank had the power cut which caused the reset of the watch of all the inhabitants. This district thus became a desert. That is how the sixth district of New York disappeared.