Once upon a time, New-york had a 6th borough. A very long time ago, one of the most famous cities in the U.S.A was composed of six boroughs : all the ones that you already know and another one which was named the Borolite. That was the diminutive of the borough of the elite. On each neighborhood lived different social categories. The boroughs marked the seperation of each social class. Consequently there were lots of disparities between the boroughs. Indeed, Borolite was the richest borough in New-york and perhaps in the world. It was located in the south of Brooklyn. The Atlantic Ocean surrounded this territory. In Borolite, the landscape was fantastic, we could see areas of buildings, between which there were large streets, on which ran the most modern cars of New-york. Borolite was a futuristic borough but it was too hard-surfaced in its entirety, there wasn't vegetation, the inhabitants never saw green grass, the orange tree leaves in autumn... In brief they had never seen the countryside. We will see later that this particularity led Borolite to its disappearance. The boroliters ( inhabitants of Borolite) were middle-class people and the majority descended from important families of America. They had a lot of money and preserved everyone thanks to their jobs.. The principal activity of the boroliters was the scientific advance in the field of high technologies. But the boroliters' way of life often transformed: they became aggressive, proud and scornful.

    In the other boroughs of New-york, the life was poorer than in Borolite. The inhabitants had to work hard to earn enough money to comply with their vital needs. Despite this, the others New-york's inhabitants were more enthusiastic and happier than the boroliters. This difference of mentalities came from the environment of life. Indeed, in the Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island, the inhabitants lived in the rural middle. In summer, they watched the birds fly, in autumn the vegetation change of colours, in winter the trees without leaves and in spring they cut flowers to do bouquets and to smell the irresistible perfume of the flowers. In each of these 5 boroughs, everyone knew each other. All the inhabitants spoke with their neighbours. In summary, in this boroughs, life was maybe hard and not much luxurious but the atmosphere was more cheerful than in Borolite.

    One day, an old man who lived in Borolite decided to create a revolutionary weapon of war: a liquid which had the capacity to destroy all the matters created by the humanity (so, everything except the vegetation) that it touched. It was the most corrosive liquid existing in the world. This weapon could completely erode a sock in 30 seconds. This mad scientist made 1998 litres of this horrible liquid. It was the volume necessary to reduce to nothing 70 km² of industrial matter ( dimensions of a borough ). To test his invention, the old scientist gave the liquid to the main laboratories of Borolite located at the extremities of this borough. However, the scientist of Borolite didn't know that a huge earthquake  was going to happen. Indeed, a few days after the beginning of the tests, an enormous earthquake happened and destroyed the majority of the buildings of New-york. This earthquake didn't spare the laboratories. As you can guess, the disaster happened: the corrosive liquid destroyed all the borough. Nothing spared because there weren't naturals elements. In a few hours, Borolite completely disappeared. The 6th borough of New-york and its inhabitants were just an old story... In wanting to play with fire, you will eventually get burned.